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Chanced upon this Italian restaurant when searching for discounts on offpeak. A whooping 40% discount at dinner time with good Facebook user reviews. Decided to celebrate the moment with their seafood platter. It's so amazing! No need for more description.

Fried calamari rings with tartare sauce. Pan fried salmon with cream and butter sauce with blanched vegetables. Fried mozzarella cheese rice balls in bolognaise sauce. Stir fry spaghetti  in ariabatta sauce with the wonderfully caramelized sliced garlic. Green mussels cooked in tomato sauce. Just try it.

Wash all the cheesy and creamy goodness down with a glass of lychee mango mocktail.

Level 3

Myeongdong Topokki

I always complain to Ryan that there's a lack of good Korean food in kuantan. So we are always attracted to Korean places. This outlet practises self serve service.

The Korean rice cakes so chewy and fresh, combined with their signature spicy sauce, not forgetting the fish cakes that go so well together (taste similar to chee cheong fun).

The fried seaweed vermicelli rolls were crunchy outside and soft instead, bursting with flavors.
Their dumpling soup set was equally awesome. The egg drop soup was so sweet and matched the dumplings so well (but dumplings were slightly overcooked). Even baby Bing couldn't reject the temptation of the rice and dumplings.

Add on a bag of refreshing Korean soda at RM5.50. A combination of sweet carbonated drink with a zesty lemon slice and a rejuvenating mint leaf. Hot and cold green tea also came with the set.

If you go onto level 4, you will see the whole stretch of eateries with this Korean outlet conveniently in front of you.

Level 4 Selera Street


One of my lunch adventures with baby Bing sans husband. Udon well cooked in sweet soy sauce based soup with a slice of Japanese bean curd skin. Juicy fried chicken dipped in sweet soy sauce with a hint of wasabi.

Came back for dinner with hubby. Cheesy chicken chop with rice. And look at the half poached egg! Who doesn't love melted cheese? But will be better if the chicken chop is cripsy.

Beef stir fried in onions with rice. Another yummy half poached egg. A bit disappointed though because there's no vegetables in any of these dishes and the portion was on the small side.

Level 3

DC comics superhero cafe

OMG, we could see our favorite childhood heroes and dine with them! Had a cuppa there. Adore the Batman and Superman decorations. Excited just like a child. One can get all your cravings for superheroes satisfied with various merchandise as well. Didn't try the food though because I was told it's nothing special.

Level 3

Sunway putra mall has so much more good food to offer. Shall visit again next time!
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